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Format: CD
Catalog: 74021
Rel. Date: 11/11/1997
UPC: 788647402127

Artist: Bush
Format: CD
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''Deconstructed'' is a remix album by British post-grunge band Bush. It did not feature any truly new material more so than it was a collaborative effort between the band and various producers working in the electronic genre of music which showcased complete remixes of the band's previous songs, including such hits as "Everything Zen," "Comedown," and "Swallowed." "Mouth (The Stingray Mix)" was released as a single in 1997 and became a minor hit, due largely in part to it being featured prominently in both the trailer and the 1997 film ''An American Werewolf in Paris''. Notably, the song was remixed by the members of Bush, under their "Stingray" alias.

Three tracks from this album, "Mouth (The Stingray Mix)," "Everything Zen (The Lhasa Fever Mix)," and "Swallowed (The Goldie/Both Sides Toasted Please Mix)," also appear on Bush's 2005 greatest hits compilation, ''The Best of: 1994-1999''.

In a 1997 interview with ''NY Rock'', Gavin Rossdale noted the development of ''Deconstructed'':

:"It was an interesting idea, to try and mix two completely different genres, maybe influence the whole dance and techno scene with some good old fashioned rock. In a way, they are the old singles, but remixed they’ve got a completely different slant which is certainly interesting." - Wikipedia

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