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Format: Digital
Label: Rhino
Rel. Date: 01/01/2004
UPC: 081227254223

Artist: The Monkees
Format: Digital


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''Justus'' is the eleventh and final studio album by The Monkees, recorded in celebration of their 30th anniversary. This album featured the return of Michael Nesmith. Although Nesmith would only sing lead vocals on a remake of the 1968 song "Circle Sky", he did write the Dolenz-vocal song, "Admiral Mike", and provided background vocals for all tracks.

Although preliminary work on the album was begun utilizing songs from various writers, upon Nesmith's agreement to join the production it was agreed that all songs would be written only by the four members of the group. They also produced and recorded all the tracks jointly, making it the first Monkees album since ''Headquarters'' to be produced entirely by the group as a single unit. A video was also produced to promote the album.

"Circle Sky" is a remake from the ''Head'' soundtrack. "You and I" is a completely different song from the song of the same name on ''Instant Replay''. It originally appeared on a 1976 album, ''Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart'', recorded during a reunion of Jones and Dolenz with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, who were the band's first writers and producers.

A different version of "It's Not too Late" appears on Jones's solo album ''Just for the Record, Vol. 4.''

The title is pronounced as either "Justice" or "Just Us", the latter implying that only the four Monkees perform on the album. - Wikipedia

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