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What's New 3-29-24


In the making of Notebook Fantasy, Chicano Batman worked with producer John Congleton (Erykah Badu, Death Cab For Cutie, St. Vincent) to double down on their hyper-creative tendencies and visionary impulses, discovering new dimensions of their prismatic music while infusing the lyrics with an unflinching honesty.

Wichita Recordings

With nods to their earlier work, Rideís 7th album contains some of the best songs they have ever written. It is a record in the old-school sense, a rich listen that flows from start to finish, at times urgent and formidable, at others wistful and melancholic. Itís a record about perseverance, sticking together, finding a way forward.

New West Records

After two stellar albums co-produced by Brandi Carlile, the sisters assume production duties for the first time alongside John Paul White and Ben Tanner, crafting an uncluttered setting for their gentle folk-pop songs. Marked by insightful compassion and unflinching honesty, Mind, Man, Medicine feels like one vivid chapter in a gripping saga.

Abeyance Records

That gorgeous voice of Shook, with its both hard and tender edge, full of experience and wisdom, is still much in evidence as it veers between world-weariness and hope, and the music is more polished and complex, whilst losing none of its hard edge. Revelations is an excellent entry into the canon of their work.

Yep Roc

The Americana pioneerís new album reconceptualizes the songs of Escovedoís storied career. Songs range from his short-lived rock quartet Buick MacKane, rarities from his Ď80s alt-country outfit The True Believers, to the celebrated songs of his solo discography from his debut album all the way to his most recent sprawling masterpiece, The Crossing.


"I view my albums as collages, combining elements from punk, metal, blues, country, and bluegrass," explains Biram. With The One & Only, the singer once again proves to be an unstoppable force of unapologetic style and demonstrates his unique ability to live up to the traditions of rough-hewn, individualistic Texas-borne music.

Rise Records

After calling it a day after 27 years together, Sum 41 will release a sprawling swan song of an album. The Heaven side pays homage to their earliest pop-punk days and the bands that inspired them, while Hell leans Ė literally Ė more heavily into the bandís metal influences. This is, without any shadow of a doubt, the album of their career. What a way to leave.

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